Currently Invoicing and Progress Claims are only available to INNOVATION PARTNERS. Please contact if you require access.

Reporting your progress and submitting your invoices go hand-in-hand. You must update your tasks in order to submit your invoice for approval.

Prerequisite: Update your tasks for proper billing.

There are 3 ways you can update your tasks.

  1. Harbr Assist is a text-message-based system that allows you and your crews to send toll-free text messages that automatically update your progress. You can also send pictures.
  2. Harbr Mobile is a smartphone app for Apple and Android devices. The app provides additional functionality over Harbr Assist including commenting, taking notes, uploading videos, viewing site documents, contact lists, and other conveniences.
  3. Harbr Platform found at which provides full functionality to all features of the platform.

Harbr Platform - Activate any Unstarted Tasks.

Harbr Platform -  Click to open an active task.

Harbr Platform -  Click the Edit icon in the % bar.

Harbr Platform -  Type in the current % of completion you are reporting. Press Enter to submit.

Your project billings will automatically be calculated based on all tasks reported % complete.

Submitting your invoice

Progress claims and Invoices are only available on the Harbr Platform ( To submit your invoice select your project then select Finance from the menu. Click the Create Invoice button.

Required steps for submitting an invoice are:

  1. Enter in your Invoice Number.
  2. Upload your invoice (and any other supporting information).
  3. Select your Tax Region.
  4. Approve each task. Ensure that progress % and values are correct and click the CHECKMARK.
  5. Click the Submit Claim button.
  6. Confirm.

Active Invoice - You must Approve your tasks.