User Administration is only available to Administrators.

Think of Workspace as the live project management section of the Platform and Project Manager as the brains. In order for a task to become a live piece of work to be reported on, it requires user assignment. After all, what's the value of a task if there's no one responsible for it?

Project Manager and User Administration work hand-in-hand. You can set up a schedule without users, but remember that in order for the system to activate Tasks require user assignment.

To access User Administration select a project then select Admin Tools. From the Admin Tools dropdown menu select User Administration.

Screenshot below

Create a new Company grouping and add a new user

  1. Select Company button.
  2. Enter the name of the new Company or Company grouping.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Follow steps in the section below to Add a new user to an existing Company.

Screenshots below

Create a new Company or Company grouping

Add a new user to a Company

  1. Scroll to find the Company that you would like to add the new user to.
  2. At the bottom of the Company grouping select + Add User button.
  3. Mandatory fields are First Name, Last Name and Email.
  4. Optional: For SMS users, please insert their phone number in the format +1areacode 
  5. Select Save.
  6. When you are ready to invite this user into the project select the Send button next to the users email.
  7. You may also delete this user from the project by selecting the Trash Can icon next to the users status.

Screenshots below

Add a new user to a Company

With users added to the project you can now assign them to Tasks via Project Manager.

At this point, you've just completed the basics of User Administration.

With an understanding of Project Manager and User Administration, you can now effectively command the Harbr Platform and put your project management on auto-pilot.