Project Manager is only available to Administrators.

Think of Workspace as the live project management section of the Platform and Project Manager as the brains. In order for a task to become a live piece of work to be reported on, it requires user assignment. After all, what's the value of a task if there's no one responsible for it?

You can set up a schedule without users, but remember that in order for the system to activate Tasks require user assignment. 

To access Project Manager select a project then select Admin Tools. From the Admin Tools dropdown menu select Project Manager.

Screenshot below

If you're creating a new project the Project Manager will be blank. If you've cloned a project the Project Manager will already be complete. If you cloned a project with User Assignments selected then all Tasks will have the user assignments already added.

Let's assume that we're working on a new project.

  1. Select + Add Phase. Give the phase a Name, Expected Start Date, and Expected End Date.
    • You can edit Phase Name afterward by clicking on it.
    • Also note, Expected Start and Expected End dates will automatically update going forward based on the Task dates contained within.
  2. In the newly created phase select + Add Task
    • All new Task fields are mandatory.
    • You can enter in a Duration as a number of days from the Task Start Date or choose an End Date from a dropdown calendar. Both Duration and End Date will auto-update depending on which you choose.
  3. Select Save to confirm creation of the new Task.

Screenshot below

* If you have an existing schedule that you would like to use as a template, please contact us and we can help you optimize and upload into the Schedule Manager.

Now that a Phase and Task exist let's turn our attention to Task Status. As mentioned above In order for a task to become a live piece of work to be reported on, it requires user assignment

Project Manager has 5 status types:

  1. Task is Not Ready: Orange rectangle with an exclamation icon within a circle.
    • Task does not have any user assignments.
  2. Task is Ready but no reporting has started: Grey rectangle.
    • This is an Unstarted Task and is displayed in Workspace under Unstarted Tasks.
  3. Task is Active and reporting has started: Blue rectangle (Blue fill represents % of completion).
    • Task has started and is displayed in Workspace under Active Tasks.
  4. Task is Complete: Green rectangle.
    • An Active Task has been reported as 100% complete.
  5. Task is Ready and Overdue: Grey rectangle with an exclamation icon within a circle.
    • This is an Unstarted Task that has a Start Date which is past due.

Screenshot below

Adding a Dependent to a task in not enough to put it into a Ready status. The task must have an Owner.

  1. To make an Owner assignment select Add owners.
  2. Either begin typing in a name or use the dropdown to select a user.
    • For speedier assignments begin typing, use the arrow keys to select a user, and Tab to select and move onto the next field.
  3. Multiple Owners can be assigned but they must all be from the same Company grouping.
  4. Assign Dependents in the same way as Owners.
    • Multiple Dependents can be assigned regardless of Company grouping.

Screenshot below

When you are satisfied with your schedule and task assignments have been made you may Start Project Notifications which will invite users to your project and begin automating notifications and daily reporting.

Screenshot below

At this point, you've just completed the basics of Project Manager.

We recommend that you take a look at User Administration 101 next.