An Administrator is the highest role class available in Harbr. Administrators have full project control and visibility. If you're not an Administrator you're a Collaborator user on the platform.

The quickest way to determine if you're an Administrator is to log in to the web Platform ( and either inspect the Main Menu or select a Project.

If you're an Administrator Main Menu options will include:

  • Site Activity.
  • Create Project.
  • Clone Project.

And your Workspace will include:

  • Admin Tools.

Screenshot below

Harbr is a project management platform that makes life easy for everyone involved. Administrators can spin up projects and assign tasks in seconds. Task assignees (Owners and Dependents) report and collaborate on Tasks allowing information and updates to flow automatically to everyone involved. (We think doing it this way is an even better invention than this.)

Administrators are the only roles that can view, create, edit, and delete projects and all information contained within, including users - with great power comes great responsibility.

Administrators have complete visibility. *Wondering why your Workspace is empty?

Within a project Workspace, Administrators can Show All Tasks. Selecting this button will grant access and list all Tasks in the project in both the Unstarted Tasks and Active Tasks section. 

Administrator view is represented by an (A) icon next to the Task name. Select Show My Tasks to return back to your filtered list of Tasks that you are assigned to as an Owner or Dependent.

Screenshot below

Filtered list of Tasks that are assigned to you.

All Tasks shown in Administrator view.

At this point as an Administrator, you've just completed the basics.

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