In this article, we will cover the most used features in Harbr for Collaborator users in the Harbr Mobile App.

Download the Harbr Mobile App for iOS devices from the App Store or Android devices on Google Play.

Log in to the App using the email address that you were invited with and the password you created during the setup process. If you have forgotten or need to reset your password click here.

Once logged in to the App you land on the Home view.

The Home view is made up of 3 key areas:

  1. Overdue & Due Today: Tap to see a list of Tasks that are Overdue or Due Today.
  2. Due Soon: Tap to see a list of Tasks that are Due within the next few weeks.
  3. Project List: Your list of Projects that you have Task assignments in.

NB: Throughout the App, in the top right corner is an icon shaped like a house, Tap this to return to the Home view.

Screenshot below

Let's jump into a project. Tap a Project from your Project List - Next you'll be taken to the project Workspace view. 

The Workspace contains a list of all Tasks that you are assigned to as either an Owner or Dependent (more on Owners and Dependents here).

You may already have a few Tasks that are displayed in your Workspace, likely that's because you're a Dependent on those Tasks and the Owner has already started them. But stick with us, we'll get to the Task view momentarily.

For most, the Workspace will be somewhat empty. But you should notice a large button with Start A Task on it. Tap the Start A Task button to bring up a list of Tasks that you are assigned to for this project.

Screenshot below

You'll now see a list of Your Tasks. Tasks are sorted by their Due Date by default - due soonest at the top. You can Search for a specific Task or choose a different Sorting method towards the top of the screen.

Tap on a Task to start it. This will allow you to start adding updates and reporting on the Task. Starting a Task requires confirmation, so go ahead and Tap the Start Task confirmation button in the popup.

Screenshot below

After starting a Task you'll automatically go back to the Workspace view. You should now see a Task Card for the Task that you just started. Tap the Task Card to go into the Task view.

The Task view is where you can:

  • Update % of Task Completion.
    • Tap the % icon to update.
  • Create a Note.
    • Tap the + icon towards the bottom right of the screen.
  • Attach or take a Photo.
    • Tap the + icon towards the bottom right of the screen.

Dependents of the Task will also be able to create notes, update %, and attach photos. Every interaction is logged and a full log of activity is available on the web Platform under the Activity tab in the Task View.

Screenshot below

At this point as a Collaborator user on the Mobile App you've just completed the basics.

Additionally, along the bottom of the App there are a few more options:

  • Info: Tap this to bring up the project's General Site Information and Team List.
  • Site Docs: Access to all of the latest Public Site Documents added to the project. Tap a PDF filename to preview it in the App.