Harbr is a cloud-based schedule and workforce coordination software available on mobile devices (iOS and Android), anywhere on the web at https://platform.harbr.com, in your email (Daily Reports and Project Notifications), and via SMS (reminders, updates, photos). 

Administrators of Harbr can spin up projects, assign tasks in seconds, and review progress in real-time. 

Finding information, reporting, and updating progress is as simple as sending a text message.

How to find Harbr

In a nutshell, Administrators set up projects and assign Tasks. Collaborator users report on Tasks and have access to the most up-to-date project information. Harbr takes care of emailing Daily Reports, Notifications and Reminders. If you think you're missing an email, please check your junk mail or approve harbr.com as a sender.

An Administrator creates a Schedule and assigns Owners and Dependents to each Task. Administrators have full visibility and access. If you're not an Administrator you're a Collaborator on the platform.

There are important details below about the different user workflows, but if you're a Collaborator user and you want to cut to the chase, click here for Mobile App basics or click here for Web Platform basics.

If you're an Admin and you want to cut to the chase, click here for Administrator Training 101.

All users whether an Administrator or Collaborator user can be assigned as an Owner or Dependent. Owners and Dependents define the responsibility of the Task. Read more about Owners and Dependents - here.

Collaborator users have limited visibility and can only access information that is connected to a Task that they are either an Owner or Dependent.

Collaborator users have limited visibility (based on their Task assignment) but have full access to Public Areas such as:

  • Schedule: Assigned Tasks.
  • Images: Public Site Images.
    • Task Images follow Task assignment rules.
    • Collaborator users can only delete their own uploads.
  • Documents: Public Site Documents.
    • Task Documents follow Task assignment rules.
    • Collaborator users can only delete their own uploads.
  • Site Info: Full visibility of Site Information and Team List.
  • Main Menu:
    • Home: Returns to Home view.
    • Support: To create Support Tickets and view Knowledge Base.

Administrators have full visibility into all sections described above plus additional areas such as:

  • Admin Tools:
    • Project Manager: Create Phases and Tasks. Assign Owners and Dependents.
    • User Administration: Invite users (Collaborator) to the project.
    • Project Settings: Activate Project Notification System, Edit Project Status, Archive Project.
    • Reporting: Create Status Reports.
  • Main Menu:
    • Site Activity: Download and Search a Log of Activity for a project.
    • Create Project: Create a new project.
    • Clone Project: Clone an existing project as a template.

Administrators can also download and delete any document or image.

It's all about working together

Harbr is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere at any time, all you have to do is log in from your device or computer to connect with your project.

For general Getting Started articles or Frequently Asked Questions head over to the Solution Home.