Harbr's notification system is built around the concepts of Tasks and their Assignments. After all, what's the value of a task if there's no one responsible for it?

Administrators assign Owners and Dependents to Tasks via the Project Manager. The concepts are these:


  • An Owner is a person that is responsible for the reporting and completion of the task.
  • The Owner receives targeted notifications relevant to the status of the task, such as:
    • 10-day reminder.
    • Task starts today.
    • Task due today.
    • Task overdue.


  • A Dependent is a person or a group of people that are watching/collaborating on the progress of the task.
  • Dependents can interact with the task in the same ways as an Owner.
    • All interactions are logged with user details and timestamps.
  • Dependents receive notifications relevant to updates made on the task, such as:
    • Task complete.
    • Daily recap.

Both Owners and Dependents receive notifications for:

  • Priority notes.
  • Due date changes.

Across the web Platform and Mobile interfaces, Owners are represented as a blue icon and Dependents as a Purple icon.

Screenshot below