Tasks assignments are only available to Administrators.

Assigning tasks is achieved through the web Platform (https://platform.harbr.com). This article assumes that you have a cursory knowledge of Project Manager and User Administration. If not, please visit the Training articles.

You may be wondering why your project Workspace is empty, even though the project has tasks and phases built out in Schedule Manager.

Think of Workspace as the live project management section of the Platform and Schedule Manager as the brains. In order for a task to become a live piece of work to be reported on, it requires user assignment. After all, what's the value of a task if there's no one responsible for it?

TLDR: In Project Manager assign users as Owners or Dependents to Tasks in order for tasks to show up in Workspace.


  1. Users exist in User Administration.
  2. Phases and Tasks exist in Project Manager.

Let's head over to Project Manager by selecting Admin Tools then Project Manager.

Within each Phase, each row of Tasks displays a Status. There are 5 status types in the Schedule Manager.

  • Task is Not Ready: Orange rectangle with an exclamation icon within a circle.
  • Task is Ready but no reporting has started: Grey rectangle.
  • Task is Active and reporting has started: Blue rectangle (Blue fill represents % of completion).
  • Task is Complete: Green rectangle.
  • Task is Ready and Overdue: Grey rectangle with an exclamation icon within a circle.

Screenshot below

We will focus on Task Not Ready with its status represented by an Orange rectangle with an exclamation icon within a circle. This is why a task will not show up in Workspace.

Adding a Dependent to a task in not enough to put it into a Ready status. The task must have an Owner.

  1. To make an Owner assignment select Add owners.
  2. Either begin typing in a name or use the dropdown to select a user.
    • For speedier assignments begin typing, use the arrow keys to select a user, and Tab to select and move onto the next field.
  3. Multiple Owners can be assigned but they must all be from the same Company grouping.
  4. Assign Dependents in the same way as Owners.
    • Multiple Dependents can be assigned regardless of Company grouping.

Screenshot below